Department of chemistry is running specialization courses in Inorganic chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. At the initial phase , specialization was available in organic Chemistry only which include four special papers, namely Organic Synthesis-I, Organic Synthesis-II, Heterocyclic Chemistry and Chemistry of Natural Products. In 2015 the Department of Chemistry started specialization courses in Inorganic Chemistry which include four special papers namely Organ transition metal Chemistry Bioinorganic and Supramolecular chemistry, Photo inorganic Chemistry and Polymers. In 2017 the Department initiated specialization courses in Physical Chemistry which include Analytical Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Chemical Dynamics and Electrochemistry as special papers. The Department provides laboratory facilities essential to perform practical  in undergraduate  courses. Apparatus like pH meter, Conductivity meter, Colorimeter, UV- Visible Spectrophotometer, Distillation assembly, Desiccators Crucible, Calorimeters etc. are available in Chemistry Laboratory.