1. To impart quality higher education to rural girls.
  2. To develop skills that enable students to become independent members of the society.
  3. To provide girls with competence to face various competitive examinations.
  4. To provide students learning experiences to meet local and global challenges.
  5. To enable development of physical intellectual and moral capacities through co-curricular, sports and extension activities.
  6. Effective utilisation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to accelerate learning to reach the attained level of knowledge.
  7. To infuse needed intellectual and social strength to rural students to meet the global requirement on par with their counter parts in urban areas.
  8. To emerge as a Centre of Excellence in pursuit of knowledge and skill attaining intellectual and infrastructural needs.
  9. Providing knowledge to the students to enable them to become self-employed and to be able to lend jobs easily.
  10. To empower the students in facing challenges as dignified, responsible and dutiful citizens.