Geography lab play a pivotal role in enriching geographical base of a student. Learning of geography involves lot of practical knowledge and the lab equipped with modern geographical apparatus, maps & models provide ample opportunity for the students to observe and learn concepts and facts.

Geography studies the difference of phenomena usually related in different parts of the earth surface the study of physical features of the earth and its atmosphere and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of population and resources and political and economic activities. Practical applications of geomorphology will help students attain a better insight about Earth’s surface in future which will open new career opportunities in various departments like survey of India environment counselling etc. The mission of geography department is to stimulate and promote excellence in geography through the provision of asserts based and the provision of geographic insights on important societal issues. To lead the development of academic, education and research directions of human and natural systems urban and rural problems and geospatial information science. the creation the creation of department of geography at government college The creation of department of geography at government college for girls was in 1943. Since then the department has worked tireless Plea to provide students with the first hand understanding of the world, how it formed and the cultures and civilizations that have colonised it the vision of geography department is to provide students educational experiences of the highest quality and to conduct vital research that produces valuable publications. Department of geography is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and to serve in our communities from local to global geography subject offers UG courses only. There are 2 faculty members in geography department. There is one geography lab. Geography lab is well ventilated and well furnished, having computer set, globes, tracing tables ,wall maps ,display board ,3D models, meteorological instruments etc. There is one lab attendant.